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€ 100.000 for Palomera, building the bible school

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Palomera – the place where you can meet God
“It’s our Hope that every visitor of Palomera (which means the pigeon loft) has a personal encounter with the Creator of heaven and earth, so their lives can be powerfully changed and given a clear direction for an active life with Him.” Hugo &Lisette Doornhof

In the past year Palomera has expanded so that many people –young and old – can visit for short or long stays. The terrain offers adventure for those who are seeking for it and at the same time provides an oasis of rest for people who need it. Hearts are touched by God’s Word, community life, coaching sessions or various activities as visitors are surrounded by breathtaking nature…
In this unique place, creation’s fullness comes to life. The noises of the hectic world, where you normally move and live, grow silent leaving more space for you to hear God’s voice and act according to His Word – the source of living water.

In 2020 we were privileged to further develop Palomera. Our ideas to use the site to its full potential took shape. Development will continue as resources and workers are available.

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Landpreparation € 850
This involves digging a well, cleaning the entire property and placing caravans and tents in their permanent locations.
Brickwork € 9.000
The present construction (the almacen) has to be adapted and expanded to serve as the epic center of the accommodations. Therefore brickwork is needed for the restroom building and the common rooms.
Carpentry | € 2.200
The common rooms need door and window frames.
  Restroom and bathhouse € 10.000
These buildings will include toilets (including a dry toilet), showers, sinks, washing machines and other washing facilities.
Purification plant € 5.000
All the costs for the purification plant of the restroom and bathhouse: all the materials (tubes etc.).
Installation of the elektricity € 10.000
For adequate security, minimal nightime lighting is needed around the buildings. Low-glare lighting will allow the beautiful nightsky to be seen clearly. Also, two batteries will be added to the solar system to have enough storage capacity for lighting.
Wastewatertreatment €4150
A leachfield will be added to purify the wastewater and bring the water back in the ecosystem. The purifying process will be done with plants.
Fencing – doors – stairs etc. €13000
On the terrain we will need all kinds of fencing, gates and stairs to be built. A special part of Palomera will be developed to meet the needs of visitors with physical handicaps. Also, low fences will be placed around the caravans and tents to block unwanted guests (animals).
Paint and decorating €3500
Painting and decorating is needed in and around the cooking areas, meeting areas, restroom and bathhouse.
Fireprotection €1300
Palomera is in an area where there is a high fire danger. For much of the year, people are assigned to the watchtower to look for fires.The facility also needs equipment to notify people on the property in case of fire.
Caravans and tents €34000
We hope to put 12 secondhand caravans and 8 tents on the 20 prepared places as accommodations for the students in Spain. This goal is in line with the ecolodge vision.
Road works €6300
The roads on Palomera are unpaved and that fits well with our vision. However on the steepest parts of the road and in places of poor drainage, we need pavement to allow for normal cars to safely navigate the property.


Donate your time
As you can see, the next phase of development is also offers a lot of creative chances for you to help expand Palomera and use your talents for God’s Kingdom.

We are looking for people who want to share our passion to make, Palomera, a retreat centre for God’s honour and glory. You can also expect to be strengthened, renewed and changed as you spend time at Palomera.

If you are interested in helping to build God’s kingdom at Palomera, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +31 645434388.

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Ephesias 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.