Yada Studies uses a unique location in Spain. This location lies in the Sierra de Cazorla, in Andalusia. The property is located in the mountains and covers a space of 82 hectares, located at the borders of the natural park from Sierra de Cazorla, Segura en Las Villas. A unique place, that fits very good to our educational concept. An environment where you can escape for a moment the hectic of our western world. It’s also a property where young and old can have an adventure with nature.

Het terrein van Yada Studies in Andalusië

Gods creation

We think it is very important that the reading and studying of the bible have a connection with our day to day lives. In Spain Gods creation can be experienced very direct and you can grow and develop your relationship with God.

It is a very beautiful, quiet and pleasant learning environment. Kurt Wise describes in a very simple way which awareness this produces.: 

In Spain students stay for a couple of weeks on the property, in the middle off the mountains from the Sierra de Cazorla. On the property are many wild animals, like dear, wild pigs, lynxes, foxes, etcetera. The air is full of vultures and birds of prey, who nest in the rocks near the property. Often we even don’t have to leave the place where we study and sleep to see many wild animals.

Centraal gelegen plaza op het terrein van Yada Studies.

Yada Studies offers programs in Spain, in the Netherlands or in Israël.

Training modules
At different times of the year the modules are in the Netherlands. The content there is both theoretical an practical. These are possible activities:

  • Bible study
  • Visiting museums
  • Sport activities indoors and outdoors
  • Visiting working places
  • Cooking
  • Doing the gospel by helping at all kinds of places
  • Making music
  • Etcetera

At different times of the year the modules are in Spain. In Spain the modules are also both theoretical an practical. For example, we are engaged in:

  • Bible study
  • Hiking/making trips in the mountains and sleep there
  • Climbing and other sport activities/games
  • Growing food
  • Making music
  • Cooking
  • Etcetera

In the annual planning we also planned a module in Israël. During this module we study a piece of history, but we also want to learn the backgrounds of the population groups better by taking part in many activities. Israël is a very nice module for the one who wants to learn more about the country and him or herself.